Our Most Popular Cartoon Wall Art Stickers For Boys

With these brilliant pieces of cartoon wall art, you can easily transform your child’s bedroom with our range of boys wall art that lets every boy’s imagination run wild! Add our beautifully designed Forest Friends decal or our vibrant boys wall art to enhance any space and create a room that inspires. Include blackboard wall art to allow your child to scribble away on an easily cleaned surface that will keep them entertained for hours!

Farm Animals Learn to Count Cartoon Wall Art

Learn to Count Cartoon Wall ArtLooking for a fun way to encourage number learning among your children?

This bright and colourful cartoon wall art decor features numbers (1 to 10) with a matching number of farm animals for each count – like the number “7” is surrounded by seven colourful ducks. Children will be delighted by this design, while the parents and caregivers can identify multiple ways to engage the children using this wall decal.

Alphabet Animals Cartoon Wall Art

Alphabet Animals Cartoon Wall ArtEducational and stylish, these cartoon alphabet wall art decals feature all 26 letters of the alphabet in upper case. All these letters include fun, creative art that corresponds to the letter, so your kid can always identify any letter with an animal or a pet – like “F” for fox and “Z” for zebra.

Our Alphabet Animals wall decal is great for your little one’s bedroom or playroom, or in the classroom. You can even cut these creative wall stickers and use them to create names or phrases on walls, a headboard, bedroom door, mirrors, or accessories.

Rocket Sticker Cartoon Wall Art

Rocket Sticker Cartoon Wall ArtSet their imaginations soaring with our super colourful cartoon rocket wall art. It’s a cheerful, easy-to-use vinyl wall decal that’s perfect for livening up boys’ rooms, girls’ rooms, or even a nursery.

This great piece of wall art comes in four handy sizes. Just pick the one that suits your space or ask us to make a custom wall sticker just for you. Position it however you like – blasting off skywards, zooming along horizontally or even coming back down to earth.

The Train Cartoon Wall Art

Train Cartoon Wall ArtChoo choo! Our traditional Train wall art sticker makes a lovely addition to a little boy’s bedroom, little girl’s bedroom or nursery. It features an old-fashioned steam train complete with chimney, cowcatcher, whistle and bell, as well as a passenger car (or carriage) with balconies.

With this timeless piece of wall art, little ones will love lining up toys to board the train, pretending to be the driver and collecting everyone’s tickets. It’s the perfect backdrop for some very imaginative play!

Our Flower Wall Art Stickers Selection

Black White Flower Wall ArtGive your home a gorgeously fresh, arty feel with our beautiful Sketched Wildflowers wall art stickers decal. Fashioned from soft, high-quality wall vinyl, this piece generates a lovely hand-painted look. Be it for either living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, your home office, hallways, or makeshift dens if you want it to.

Each pretty wildflower comes ready to situate individually, so you can generate an entirely tailored piece of wall art you really love. You can space them consistently along a wall or up the staircase, or gather them into a bunch that’ll last as long as you want it to. It’s sure to liven any dull wall.

You can have your flower wall art sticker mural in one of three impressive sizes too so it’ll be fit for any room. Just pick the one that suits your space, or ask us to make a custom wall sticker just for you. We’ve a lot of colours to choose from as well, so you can pick your perfect shade too.

Coloured Flower Wall ArtAll of our wall decals are handmade in the UK at our family run Wallderful studio. They’re made from high grade, transferrable, self-adhesive vinyl, so they’re really effortless to put up, move around, and remove again if you just want to change the room up a bit wthout having to fetch the paintbrush. Just place your sticker against any smooth, flat surface (it doesn’t really even need to be a wall) and gently press it down. You’ll find full instructions with your wall mural or in our application guide before you buy if you have any concerns.

Every Wallderful wall art decal is designed to be as temporary or long-lasting as you like, so they’re really easy to reposition and reapply until you get a look you love.

Here at Wallderful, we’re dedicated to designing beautiful wall decals you’ll love. Crafted from soft, high quality wall vinyl with a lovely matte finish, our decals create a beautiful painted-on-the-wall look. With designs for every room, and the chance to create your own too, we’re a friendly, family team, here to make you happy.

We’ve designed our lovely decals to be easy to apply, for a fresh, painted-on look with no fuss or mess. Just follow our step-by-step guide on the application guide and you’ll be admiring your handiwork in no time. To help your decal stick really well, wipe your wall with a dry cloth before you start, just to make sure it’s clean and dry. If you’ve recently painted, we recommend you wait 4 to 6 weeks for the paint to properly cure.

Our Top 5 Most Popular Seasonal Wall Stickers

Winter Woodland Seasonal Wall Art

seasonal art stickersThis super cute Winter Woodland seasonal wall decal is full of Christmas magic, with lots of cute forest favourites wrapped up in their winter woollies and ready to play. Meet a fox in a jumper, a rabbit in a scarf and a squirrel, owl and birdie in their finest festive hats.

This pretty piece of wall art looks great in a nursery or child’s bedroom and it’s so sweet, you might even be persuaded to leave it up all year round!


Santa’s Sleigh Seasonal Wall Stickers

seasonal art stickers christmasFlying over the rooftops and right into your home, this magical Santa’s Sleigh seasonal wall sticker will have all the little ones (and not so little ones) in your house hoping for a very special visitor this year.

Complete with his beautiful sleigh and eight flying reindeer, Santa is silhouetted against the night sky in this lovely piece of Christmas wall art. Dotted with snowflakes and complete with a warm, festive message, it’s perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, children’s rooms and nurseries.


Christmas Tree Seasonal Wall Art

seasonal christmas treeBring home a Christmas tree with a difference this year! Our beautiful, contemporary Christmas tree wall sticker makes an original addition to your festive decorations. Laden with baubles in pretty pinks, natural browns and leafy greens, it looks lovely in living rooms or decking your halls.

You can even use this colourful piece of wall art as your main Christmas tree. Just pile presents in front of it for an instantly cosy, Christmas feeling.

Snowflakes Seasonal Wall Stickers

seasonal art stickers snowflakesLet it snow whatever the weather with our beautiful Snowflakes wall sticker. Featuring 12 different delicate, icy blue snowflakes, it brings a fresh, contemporary twist to your festive decorations.

You can use this pretty piece of Christmas wall art as one complete mural, or cut the snowflakes out separately to arrange in your own pattern. Make them tumble down hallways and staircases or have them falling from the ceiling – and have fun experimenting!


Magic of Christmas Seasonal Wall Art

seasonal art stickers magic of christmasThe perfect way to celebrate everything that’s special about the festive season, our Magic of Christmas wall sticker gives your friends and family a warm, heartfelt welcome. It makes a real festive focal point – over a fireplace, on a feature wall, or wherever works in your home.

A colourful mix of the traditional and the new, this great piece of Christmas wall art comes with lots of lovely seasonal touches, from little round robins to plump holly berries. You can have your wall mural in one of three great sizes. Just pick the one that suits your space – or ask us to make a custom wall sticker just for you.

The Unicorn Wall Art At Wallderful

The Unicorn Wall ArtBring some magic and contentment into your bedroom or study with our gorgeous unicorn wall art decal. No girl will be able to resist the beauty of this pretty unicorn in her room, bopping around on a rainbow and encircled with enchanting stars and clouds.

This decal is also available in three sizes so it’ll fit into any room you need it to. The simple and cute design will really pop out from a painted wall too with a lovely colour behind it. A vibrant feminine pink or bright purple wall would complement the Unicorn’s colours perfectly and create a bigger effect, giving you even more value for money. This unicorn wall art will suddenly transform a child’s bedroom into a magical rainbow world and will make any girl the envy of her friends as well.

This wall art is easy to apply with unquestionably no mess or fuss, our wall decals are crafted from soft, high quality wall vinyl, which gives you a smooth matte finish that looks just like its painted straight onto the wall. And if you do choose to move your unicorn decal, it’s easy do that too, with no mess left behind and the wall looking like as it did before.

People often struggle with home decoration and interior design, however, it all comes down to how you feel about certain colours, furniture, and wall designs. When you finish work late or even if you’ve come home from a holiday, you want to be able to feel the sense of contentment and cosiness your house should give you when you eventually come back to it wherever you are. So why not make your home your personal sanctuary, just by starting with the walls?

Here at Wallderful we have hundreds of wall designs, wall decals and murals too. Our wall decals are crafted from the highest quality which will turn your home into a vibrant and loving setting as well.

Vinyl Wall Art decals are perfect for nurseries and children’s bedrooms, and are a brilliant gift idea for new or expecting parents to decorate their nursery. The three elephants of different sizes are easy to assemble and apply, plus they can be moved around and repositioned to create a jungle feeling on your wall. You can choose different colours for the ears, tails and hearts, and the big wings.


Vans the Omega, aka Joel Van Moore, has been busy working on a new surface in Adelaide. The local graffiti artist is know for his freestyle murals around town, like at the new Street Workshop in Glenelg, Flinders Uni Plaza or YHA building in the city.

We chatted to Vans about his new work of art at Sonder Hairdressers, on King William Road.

“My process to start the mural at Sonder was to extend the lines of the ceiling, light and shadows that are already in the space and then draw off the lines of the furniture and mirrors to create the basic structural bones. I then bend and fold the design with colour and texture to create the dimension. In this way, it all happens as I go.”

Wall Art

Vans has been painting for over two decades, making his mark across the globe and helping to advance the way graffiti art is painted around the world, as well as in his home-town.

“Public art is extremely important in Adelaide. It only takes walking down the street for everyone to recognise the difference. It’s totally captivating to most of the public, by shifting the environment and awareness to another world of creativity.”

Vans travels to New Zealand today to begin work on a large-scale piece, before heading to Brisbane, Toowoomba, Bali and San Diego for projects that are all rolling out in the next few months. Also be on the look out for two new large wall pieces coming to the Adelaide CBD soon.


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Hallway Design Ideas That Will Liven Up Your Home


Wall Art Hall Way Ideas

The hallway is an often-overlooked space, just serving as the utilitarian path from one room to the next. But if you ignore them, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to experiment and design hallways with character and drama.

Before you get started, take a look around and evaluate the space. Are there any special structural elements, like chair rail or molding? Does the space get ample natural light, or do you need to add a fixture? Could the floor use a runner? Once you have a sense of your space, here are some ideas for decorating hallways worth lingering in:

1. Create depth: If your hallway has chair rail, add some dimension by painting a light color on top (to make the space feel more open) and a darker color or wallpaper on the bottom.

2. Make a gallery wall pop: If you want to hang a gallery wall in the hallway, paint the walls (including molding and chair rail) and ceiling the same color so that your photos and artwork pop in a truly dramatic way.

3. Display art (temporarily): For a true gallery experience, add picture rails, ledges, or floating shelves to the hallway walls so that you can frequently switch up the artwork you have on display.

4. Light it up: Another way to punch up the drama is to keep the space art-free and instead install a series of sconces along the walls.

5. Choose a fun runner: The runner is an opportunity to bring bright colors and playful patterns into the space, so don’t hold back. But because hallways tend to be high-traffic areas, make sure to choose one with a tight, low-pile weave.

6. Add storage: If you have a relatively wide hallway, use it as a storage opportunity with pieces like floating consoles, low bookshelves or built-in units. Just remember to maintain a 30-inch clearance around any furniture so that there’s room to move freely.

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60 Summer Decorating Ideas

60 summer decorating ideas for your custom wall art

Rethink your home decor and get inspired by the bright, sunny colors of summer.

Decorate pillows with our poppy templates for breezy, warm weather decor. Poppies’ graphic outlines are a cinch to block-print onto fabric: Brush strokes of textile paint in saturated tones.

See below some sparkling summer ideas you can combine into your custom wall decals!

Custom Wall Art

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Wall art brings modern, playful flair to kids’ rooms

Endless Creativity and Wild Imagination – Wall Art for Children


Children’s bedrooms and playrooms are full of endless creativity and wild imagination, a place where they learn and get to explore the most. Wall art offers a special unique way to surround toddlers and kids with inspiration and engagement, from encouraging words to playful imagery.

At Wallderfull, we have many wall art options to choose from, from stories, shapes, educational and animals to transforming any room, a nursery, bedroom or playroom. We can customise your wall art designs to incorporate a personal touch such as childhood memories and favorite interests.

Education Wall ArtWall Art Categories:


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Nursery Wall Art

10 Tips for Picking The Right Colours

Wallderful likes to cover all aspects of home decor – check out our blog for more ideas!

Home Decor

Why do we find one place appealing and are uneasy in another? Why are we attracted to one product over another? Color—whether architectural or in products—accounts for 60 percent of our response to an object or a place.

The “buzz” about color is usually called “color psychology.” But the effects of color are subtle and significant; physical and psychological. Color use is not something that results in a definitive equation between “color and our moods,” as is a currently popular expression. Wherever we go we respond to color, but the importance of color is often underestimated. Color use is important to us personally in our homes and in the places where we work.

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Happy Walls – Happy Home

Make your home a happy home!

Vinyl Wall Art

There is one rule when it comes to decorating your home, ‘if you love it, have it’!

People do struggle with home décor and interior design, however, it all comes down to how you feel around certain colours, furniture and wall designs!
When you come back from work or even a holiday, you want to be able to feel the sense of happiness and comfort, make your home your personal sanctuary, so where do you start? the Walls! 
Wallderful have hundreds of wall designs, wall decals and murals! Our wall decals are crafted from soft, high-quality wall vinyl with a matte finish creating a painted on look! The highest quality which will turn your home into a vibrant loving environment!

Elephants- Now We Have Everything

Vinyl Wall Art decals are perfect for nurseries and children’s bedrooms, and are a brilliant gift idea for new or expecting parents to decorate their nursery. The three elephants of different sizes are easy to assemble and apply, plus they can be moved around and repositioned to create a jungle feeling on your wall. You can choose different colours for the ears, tails and hearts, and the big wings.

Just in time for Christmas!

Make your home festive and bring joy to the rooms with these sparkly wall decals!

productonwall productonwall producttile

we have many more to choose from – click here 

You can custom design your wall decals, contact our team today and get creative!