A nice, clean wall

To help your decal stick really well, wipe your wall with a dry cloth before you start, just to make sure it’s clean and dry. If you’ve recently painted, we recommend you wait 4 to 6 weeks for the paint to properly cure.

Practice makes perfect

Nobody likes wonky wall art, so use a little masking tape to fix your decal where you’d like it to go, then check it’s straight before you start.

Fixing it in place

Take a long strip of masking tape and press it vertically down the middle of your decal, so it looks like the fold in the middle of a book. This will help you apply the design in smaller sections, making it easier to get just right.

Smooth it with a squeegee

Use a squeegee, or a piece of fairly hard plastic like a credit card, to press the decal all over, using firm strokes in one direction.

Peel off the backing

Gently peel off the backing paper on one side of the decal, up to the masking tape in the middle. Cut away the backing paper on that side.

On it goes…

Carefully bring the decal towards the wall and, keeping the top corner pulled tight, use your squeegee or credit card to smooth it on firmly, starting from the centre and working out towards the edges.

And the other side…

It’s time to repeat the last few steps with the other hand of your decal, so remove the masking tape, peel off the backing paper and smooth on as before.

Taking off the application paper

Your design should now be stuck to the wall, so it’s time to carefully peel off the application paper. Start from one of the corners and peel it back slowly. If any of the decal stays on the paper rather then the wall, just push that part back down and press it again with your squeegee.

Ta dah!

You’re all done. Don’t worry if you spot a few tiny bubbles. You can carefully pop them with a pin and smooth the decal down with your finger.